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Toronto and Ottawa tend to dominate the real estate landscape in Ontario, but there are more options in the province for the potential home buyer than just Ottawa real estate for sale in Ontario. Ontario is packed with thriving towns and small cities whose presences are masked by the looming shadow of Toronto. We here at Stratford Homes for Sale want to shed some light on a little known part of the province - Stratford, Ontario. When you've heard what we've had to say, you may even want to move there yourself.

In the tradition of naming places after existing cities from settlers' home countries, Stratford, Ontario is named for the English town of Stratford Upon Avon, the famous birthplace of William Shakespeare. The city hosts a yearly Shakespeare Festival that is one of the largest in North America. Perhaps the only other city that could be said to embrace its English heritage with such gusto is London, Ontario. Real estate here in Stratford is a great base from which to take in the festival.

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Theater isn't the only art form you'll be able to enjoy on a regular basis if you move to Stratford. The city is one of the biggest cities for arts in the country, and features annual celebrations of music, food, and even gardening! So if you're a hobby or professional artist, you ambitions could be perhaps better served by moving to Stratford rather than by buying something like Windsor real estate in another more industrial part of the province. If you don't believe us, drop by in the summer time to see all there is to do and all the fascinating and talented people there are to meet.

Being a smaller city - only about 30,000 people - also allows Stratford to offer property that costs significantly less than the homes for sale in Oshawa you would be looking at if you were to move to the Greater Toronto Area. In terms of affording your mortgage, you'll have a number of career options if you move to Stratford looking for work. The primary earners are manufacturing (mainly of industrial machine parts) and tourism (fed by the multitude of festivals) but there are also jobs to be had in other industries as well.

If you think Stratford, Ontario is for you, you can ask your Milton real estate agent to refer you to someone in Stratford who can help you find a home, or you can contact us directly for help. You can also learn more about the city, its job prospects, education options, entertainment possibilities, demographics, and more just by browsing through our large store of articles on the city. Click on the nav bar at the top to get started.

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